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Cooking/Farming – W1D2

Waking up in a flooded tent, holding my laptop over my head, I realized today could only go up from here. We started cooking at 7, and our group prepared a breakfast of the normal oatmeal, along with a tofu veggie egg scramble. Although this was met with looks of confusion, everyone ended up wanting […]

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Unseen – W1D2 by Sage R.

On our first day, we danced. It was indeed challenging, but not until today did our group of five truly experience the meaning of the Adventure Semester. Our challenge was to walk into the town of Paonia from our mountain camp (and back) without being seen by anyone. When we began, our groups’ dynamics were […]

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Dancing – W1D2

We began the day with a march down to the barn. We debated on how we would approach the current challenge; to learn and choreograph a dance strictly from a video. We understood the physical limitations that each other had and molded our approach to fit them. Upon arriving, we put on some music and […]

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Counter Argument – W1D2 by Katie B.

It’s day two here at the Adventure Semester and today my group’s challenge involved questioning the validity of our beliefs. Since we had already heard last night’s presentation from yesterday’s group, we had a general idea of what to expect. Our first goal was to come up with every possible “PRO” argument for two statements that we had […]

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Bird Houses – W1D2 by Max A.

Making a birdhouse sounds easy right? Well let me tell you I had the exact same thought before I started looking for scraps and hammering for many hours. Our adventure began when our instructor, Dev drove our group of four down to his barn to start looking for scraps. I saw a nice old green […]

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Potatoes! – W1D1

Today we ventured off with Marian to a small farm owned by Lincoln and Jeanie. Once we arrived, ducks and turkeys came out to greet us. There were also two goats, one of them Jeanie was talking with (so sweet!) because the goat was going to a new home the next day. Beyond their farm […]

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Dancing – W1D1

Have you ever watched to movie Pulp Fiction? Most of us hadn’t when we set out to perform the film’s iconic dance scene. Practice and perform a choreographed dance: This was the challenge set before our group on the first day of the UA adventure semester. Many of us had no experiance dancing, but gathered […]

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Counter Argument – W1D1 by Elan

Today’s adventure was to distinguish Truth from BS. Looking at man made global warming and mandatory drafting for war from both sides of the spectrum. Drawing lines between unbacked mouth vomit and hard fact. Finding a reliable source, making sure reporters were not writing from self interest or being funded by people that could bend […]

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Unseen – W1D1 by Lily G.

Welcome, everyone, to the challenges of the first day of the first ever Unschool Adventures Adventure Semester! Today, the challenge for my group of four plus an instructor was to travel from our campsite near Paonia to the North Fork Gunnison River, cross it, and get back to camp without being seen by anyone. After […]

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