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Sep 14, 2015

Have you ever watched to movie Pulp Fiction? Most of us hadn’t when we set out to perform the film’s iconic dance scene.

Practice and perform a choreographed dance: This was the challenge set before our group on the first day of the UA adventure semester. Many of us had no experiance dancing, but gathered in a barn halfway through the transformation to a house, we shook, shimmied, and sauntered our way to glory.

We started off by simply moving our bodies to music, and then progressed to going through various songs and trying to decide which would make for a good dance. Amazingly, a song and pre-choreographed dance fell right into our hands via one of the members of the group, Sage.

John Travolta and Uma Thurman’s Dance to the song Never Can Tell from the movie Pulp Fiction proved to be both structured enough to choreograph and improvisational enough to be accessible to our troupe of amatuers. The dance was a variety of the famous twist style, which many of us struggled with at first, but we soon discovered that there’s a simple way to do the twist: you just twist.

After getting more comfortable with the general style, we split into two groups: the Johns and the Umas. Standing in two lines facing eachother, we joyfully danced a style we had never tried from a movie we had never seen. And although we never quite reached the precise synchronization we had imagined, we all pushed ourselves into doing something we never would have thought we were capable of.

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