Counter Argument – W1D2 by Katie B.

Sep 15, 2015

It’s day two here at the Adventure Semester and today my group’s challenge involved questioning the validity of our beliefs.

Since we had already heard last night’s presentation from yesterday’s group, we had a general idea of what to expect. Our first goal was to come up with every possible “PRO” argument for two statements that we had all agreed on. These statements were, “Donald Trump as president would be horrible.” and “Solar and wind power are humanity’s future.” Once we exhausted all positive arguments, we took a walk and discussed the origin of our opinions, and even our identities in general. How do we know that our beliefs are right or true?

Our next step was to test our beliefs and original arguments. When we got back we began to research our topics with the intent of countering our original arguments. After some slightly frustrating time filled with articles that expressed opposite opinions from our own, we were finally confident in our list of counterarguments. Using this new list, we attempted to convince Blake, who was using our original “PRO” arguments against us, that Donald Trump would, in fact, make a terrific president and that solar and wind power where definitely NOT the best option for the future in energy.
Whether in the search for truth or simply to strengthen your personal arguments, it is always helpful to explore the opinions and arguments of those whose beliefs differ from your own. Although these differing ideas may seem absurd at first, if you keep your mind open, you may end up finding that you agree!
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