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Sep 15, 2015

Today we ventured off with Marian to a small farm owned by Lincoln and Jeanie. Once we arrived, ducks and turkeys came out to greet us. There were also two goats, one of them Jeanie was talking with (so sweet!) because the goat was going to a new home the next day.

Beyond their farm was a beautiful breathtaking view of the mountains. Past the animals was a lively green garden filled with squash, grapes, tomatoes, apple trees, and what we were about to dig up, potatoes.

Before digging up potatoes, Lincoln showed us the cob oven. He explained how they built it and how fast food cooked in it; for example, bread takes only about 15 minutes to bake instead of 45 minutes!

Then we got our hands dirty by digging up potatoes. The potatoes were golden and purple with occasional slugs and other worms on them.

Cooking time!
We chopped way too many vegetables to count. The potatoes looked really cool because they were purple inside! But when we boiled them they turned blue. Blue mash potatoes look pretty weird. Who knows how they will look fully cooked… we will see :) We were in the home stretch. Then we made zucchini bread and everyone loved it! It was a deliciously successful dinner!

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