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Sep 15, 2015

Waking up in a flooded tent, holding my laptop over my head, I realized today could only go up from here.

We started cooking at 7, and our group prepared a breakfast of the normal oatmeal, along with a tofu veggie egg scramble. Although this was met with looks of confusion, everyone ended up wanting seconds.

Our next part of the challenge was to be a helping hand at Zephyros Farms. They’re known for their beautiful flowers, and we even got to learn how to create bouquets! (The camp will be thanking us soon). The morning was filled with goats and tomatoes, and even a hot pepper mix up!

We learned about how organic farming really works, and the different certifications that are available to farmers. We also learned about the crazy process behind imported flowers and the difference between those and certified organic local flowers. Some imported flowers are even dipped in embalming chemicals and are flown all the way from Holland, Ecuador, Columbia and Guatemala; Crazy!

The actual process of harvesting the tomatoes and peppers really opened our eyes to the hard work and perseverance that farmers have. It was a truly inspiring experience, and everyone walked away wanting to start their own gardens and feeling accomplished.

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