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New for ages 17-20: Individual Adventures
Pre-register now for early 2019 and save 30%

Big Adventures for Self-Directed Young People

Since 2008, we’ve taken groups of self-directed teenagers on life-changing adventures across the world.

Next year, in 2019, we’re offering something brand-new: a support and guidance program for 17- to 20-year-olds who are ready to embark on their first big solo adventure. We call it Individual Adventures.

We’re still offering group trips for teenagers—right now we’re putting together a 6-week adventure in New Zealand for late 2019—but such trips will be more rare as we create space for Individual Adventures.

As our company evolves, our mission remains the same: to create amazing adventures for self-directed young people that lead to new friendships, unforgettable memories, and a fresh vision of what’s possible in your life.

Real World Retreat 2016

Individual Adventures

community, support, and guidance for your first big solo adventure

Launches January 2019
Ages 17-20+
5 months (start anytime)
Pre-registration now for early 2019

New Zealand 2019

an outdoor adventure with a focus on the environment

6 weeks in Nov/Dec 2019
Ages 14-19
Led by Ari Kosel
Currently under development

Launchpad is our email-based virtual workshop all about getting stuff done as a self-directed learner.

3 weeks / 19 emails
Ages 14-21 (flexible)
Join from anywhere, begin anytime

What Sets Our Group Trips Apart

We’re weird—but it’s the good kind of weird.

Hand-Crafted Adventures

Our trips are hand-crafted, not mass-produced. Each has a unique story and mission. So if you see a trip you like, apply for it—because it probably won’t happen again!

School-Year Programs

We run most of our programs during the school-year instead of the busy summer, taking advantage of the best weather and low tourism seasons.

Freedom & Responsibility

Our teenage participants enjoy a high degree of personal freedom and embrace a corresponding level of personal responsibility. Our programs are for mature, self-directed learners.

Meet the Director

Blake Boles is the founder and director of Unschool Adventures. He’s the author of College Without High School, Better Than College, and The Art of Self-Directed Learning. Read a profile of Blake or listen to an interview with him to discover the “why” behind Unschool Adventures.

Meet the Trip Leaders

Unschool Adventures recruits kind, caring, and professional trip leaders from the worlds of experiential and alternative education. Each of our leaders has significant field experience, understands the unique needs of teenagers, and exemplifies the spirit of self-directed learning.

Past Participants Say…

“I don’t even know what to say. My trip to Spain was one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve never had learned so much and had so much fun all at once. I met such genuine, kind-hearted, and unique people… the types of people that I never thought were possible.”

– Elinor (Spain 2018)

“Unschool Adventures has provided me with truly life-changing trips that have made me a more confident, motivated, and inspired young adult. I am in awe of the world. I have made life-long friends, and I have enough travel experience under my belt that I could travel anywhere by myself.”

– Sierra (Argentina Semester 2017)

“Unschool Adventures served as the perfect outlet to start my independent traveling life. It challenged me to meet new people, answer my own questions, and dance anywhere at anytime. It helped me to push my limits, know my limits, and throw my limits in a trash can.”

– Chloe (Nepal 2014)

“Because of Unschool Adventures I’ve found a new love for so many things: dancing, hiking, being in new places and experiencing new things. It’s hard to put into words how much my world has been expanded.”

– Vick (Southeast Asia 2017)

“Being around such a supportive environment encouraged me to take my life into my own hands. I valued learning about active listening and consent which is something that I had never really experienced before.”

– Natanielle (Real World Retreat 2016)

“Unschool Adventures provides young adults with the best introduction to travel that could be asked for. . . The journey will reward your investment tenfold.”

– Riley (New Zealand 2013)

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