The Engineering Challenge – W8D2C by Jack

Nov 3, 2015

The group for this 2-day challenge was small, with only me (Jack), Midge, and Oscar, or as Addison called us: The Dream Team.
Before Addison told us our specific challenge, he told us the reason behind it: simplicity. A simple, yet difficult problem, with a not-so-simple solution. Our challenge? Move a 5,000 pound rock 5 feet.
So, how do you move a 5,000 pound rock? You could get an Excavating machine, use some sort of pulley system, or do what we did, and use a borrowed “car-jack” that is used for changing a fork-lift tire.
We had some great motivation too, because Eric and Addison told us the night before that if we finished on the first day, we would have a surprise challenge/reward on the second day.
With us wanting the suprise so badly, we chose to put all our energy into this. We skipped most of our lunch, did not take breaks, did not waste the time to get water. Sure enough, we finished on the first day with plenty of dirt to show for it.
The next day came, and so did our reward. Building a potato cannon. We pretty much built this in an hour, after that, we were mostly tweaking it until it worked best, and having fun shooting it. A lot of fun. We shot it at this cool lake, sometimes trying to hit an island in the distance.
Long live the Dream Team.
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