The Art of Letting Go – W8D2B by Elan

Nov 3, 2015

Letting go can be hard, either of something that’s close to you or a fond memory. It can feel traumatic at times, but when you truly release something you feel free.

It can be especially challenging when you put lots of time and effort into your your art, knowing its demise, like I did today.

It was meditative and fun to get my thoughts out on a wooden panel with endless acrylics. Painting felt freeing, if you mess up you paint over it and try again. I painted the whole canvas white two times.


I am really happy about the outcome, and I am ready to paint some more.

This was an amazing day. We road tripped to a beautiful campsite surrounded by snowy mountains to burn the art, have talks with my friends, listen to music, and dance. We ended the day by running through an icy cold stream. My feet are still recovering.

This challenge was the most fun and creative one I have done yet.


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