One Paperclip – W8D2F by Joe

Nov 3, 2015

The week 7, day 1 and 2 challenge was the paper clip challenge. The paper clip challenge is where you start with a paper clip, and try to trade for something in higher or same value. We all had a goal to try and reach; my goal was a bike.

So, I started with a paper clip and traded for a chocolate bar. Then I traded the chocolate bar for a t-shirt, then the t-shirt for a twelve pack of soda, the pack of soda for a box of electronics, the electronic for bike parts.

Half way through day 1, it was lunch time, so we traded some electronics for food.

I really liked this challenge. It was kinda hard in the beginning to talk to people, trying to trade with them. After a little bit I realized most people want to help with this challenge. Another thing that was hard: saying “No.” to people when they wanted to trade something that I didn’t think was worth the trade. Over all, I really liked this challenge, and I encourage you to try this some time. It was very fun.


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