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The Scientific Method – W4D2B

Our group’s first task today was to come up with a few questions about our surroundings. These questions weren’t your typical questions, though! These were questions of a mysterious sort; questions even the all-knowing GOOGLE couldn’t immediately answer. Try, right now, to think of a few questions yourself. It’s harder than you may think, isn’t […]

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Workout Video – W4D1B

Ladies and gentleman! Have you been craving a good workout? Looking to shed those extra pounds? Boy, do we have the thing for you! It’s day week four day one of the adventure semester, and our challenge was to plan and execute a thirty minute long exercise video. Being the first group to experience this […]

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Planning a Prom – W3D5

Max Abeywakaflocka, Sage Ryan , and Katie Mitchell decided to bless 20 homeschoolers with something they would never experience in their lives: Prom. They all starred in a well remarked show called Crazy Since the 80s. A show about 4 crazy roommates in the most glamorous city: New York. It shows them living, working and […]

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Map Making – W2D4 by Max A.

Today my challenge was to make a unique map of Paonia. My group had to think about what type of map would be beneficial to the town. Because the town is so small and doesn’t have a large consumer base most stores are closed on Sunday we decided to map out which stores were open […]

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Unseen – W1D5 by Seraya

For this adventure, my group had to get from our place up on Pitkin Mesa to P hill, which was all the way across town. We started by going around this big gully by our house because we were less likely to be seen there, but, of course, our neighbor decided to walk her goats […]

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Dancing – W1D4 by Max A.

Imagine trying to mimic the remarkable moves of Michael Jackson within 5 hours. It sounds challenging because it definitely is. The day started with the four of us looking through YouTube and finding funky music to jam to. After we got into a dancing mood we looked through YouTube once more to look for a […]

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