Unseen – W1D5 by Seraya

Sep 19, 2015

For this adventure, my group had to get from our place up on Pitkin Mesa to P hill, which was all the way across town.

We started by going around this big gully by our house because we were less likely to be seen there, but, of course, our neighbor decided to walk her goats in the same place at the same time. We made it by her with lots of squat runs and Ninja thoughts in our minds to give us motivation.

We kept walking along a dirt road for a while as the sun grew steadily more fierce and vibrant in the sky. Vroom vroom, sounded a car by a nearby road with houses peaking out from the branches. We had reached civilization. This was by far the trickiest part as we hesitanly walked along the paved road, jumping into bushes whenever we heard a car come, not to mention getting across the highway which definitely had us sweating afterwards.

From there on it was bush wacking and wading across rivers. Oh, and hiding from the occasional driver who decided it would be so convenient to pull out right by us and check their email, not knowing how uncomfortable it was for us to have to lie down on a bed of prickily plants.

Finally we made it to the big P where lunch was eaten and water was finished. The hike down was beautiful as you could see all the orchards and surrounding mountains and mesas. My legs were tired, but it was okay because we finally got what mattered: ice cream.

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