Dancing – W1D4 by Max A.

Sep 18, 2015

Imagine trying to mimic the remarkable moves of Michael Jackson within 5 hours. It sounds challenging because it definitely is.

The day started with the four of us looking through YouTube and finding funky music to jam to. After we got into a dancing mood we looked through YouTube once more to look for a dance that we would want to do as a group. We found many appealing dances but they were either to easy or too complex. Then seraya came across beat it by Michael Jackson and we all thought it could be good, and chose it.

When we started learning the choreography we got stuck many times, and I wondered to myself why did we ever choose this why did I ever agree on this, but then we got to the point when we all started to look good, I knew it was going to be great.
When we finished and looked at the video we made we were all so proud and happy we had done the whole thing exceptionally well. We all learned to not take life so seriously and how to persevere in a very different but good way.

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