Workout Video – W4D1B

Oct 6, 2015

Ladies and gentleman! Have you been craving a good workout? Looking to shed those extra pounds? Boy, do we have the thing for you! It’s day week four day one of the adventure semester, and our challenge was to plan and execute a thirty minute long exercise video.

Being the first group to experience this challenge, we were rather unprepared for the amount of work and time required to successfully create this video. What was meant to be a rather serious and informative workout video, turned pretty silly.
We started at the bottom now we here. We began by learning proper form for many various types of workouts. Then we picked which ones we wanted to include in the video, decided who would lead which exercises, and practiced until we had a rough routine. Our group also decided that our video would be 80s themed.
When we started running out of time, we rushed to grab our best neon workout attire, and pinned up our backdrop. We put on our winning smiles, and began filming. The video was mostly improvised and we had a grand time doing it.
A lot of us were really unmotivated and tired throughout the morning, causing us to be slow in our decision making and eventually short on time. In the end, during our debrief, we talked about our mistakes and talked about ways for the future groups doing this challenge to avoid making the same ones as us.
All in all we had a good time doing this challenge, and our video will be on the Unschool Adventures YouTube if you want to laugh along with us :)
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