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Entrepreneurism – W6D3E by Seraya

To be honest, for this challenge, we fell on our faces. It started out the night before the challenge day when we started brainstorming about ideas for a small business that would make us money in only a couple hours. Some people were exhausted and ready to just think of some practical ideas, while others […]

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College! – W6D2E by Gabriella

Give it a good college try. That’s what we did today. Try. A lot. My group was given several challenges to complete during our visit at Western State Colorado University. Our challenges were to talk with professors, students, admissions, as well as sit in on lectures. A bonus challenge was to get a student to […]

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Spilled Milk EP – W5D2 by Lily J

I’m Lil. The past two days we did individual self designed challenges, and I challenged myself to write record and produce an EP and post it to Bandcamp.  The first day was filled with a lot of procrastination, tears, pep talks, recording, deleting and rerecording. At the end of the day I had two very […]

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Teaching Styles – W4D5B by Spencer

Imagine, you are walking down a street in the south Bronx in NYC on a warm summer night. You hear yelling, turn around, and promptly a gun is shot. A bullet flies by your head. Then another. You are now deaf. Cochlear implants might give you an artificial, eerie representation of the sense you once […]

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The Scientific Method – W4D2B

Our group’s first task today was to come up with a few questions about our surroundings. These questions weren’t your typical questions, though! These were questions of a mysterious sort; questions even the all-knowing GOOGLE couldn’t immediately answer. Try, right now, to think of a few questions yourself. It’s harder than you may think, isn’t […]

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Screen Printing – W3D5 by Oscar

Finding your capacity for adaptation can be a challenging experience. Our group faced many obstacles these past few days, but we overcame them in an admirable way. On Thursday, we were tasked with designing our own two-day challenge, with little to no help from our facilitating staff member. Beginning with a decision about the decision […]

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Painting a Mural – W3D2

Our challenge was a little different this week, instead of the usual one day one challenge, we had two days to complete a larger project. Our project was a large scale art project, we decided to do a mural in the coyote commons. we began with a trip to the store, since paonia is very […]

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Map Making – W2D5 by Lily G. and Katie B.

We are all familiar with discomfort. For instance, sometimes we encounter situations in which we are stuck in an unfamiliar place, looking to fulfill that one need – the need for a bathroom. Today, our group took this very source of discomfort into account. After several discussions, and some interviewing of the citizens of Paonia […]

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