College! – W6D2E by Gabriella

Oct 21, 2015

Give it a good college try.

That’s what we did today. Try. A lot.

My group was given several challenges to complete during our visit at Western State Colorado University.

Our challenges were to talk with professors, students, admissions, as well as sit in on lectures. A bonus challenge was to get a student to give us a tour of their dorm. Unfortunately we failed completing the bonus challenge but we were able to complete the other challenges.

Seraya and Katie sat in on an interesting sociology course. Lily sat in on a cool communications course and thought the professor had a great sense of humor. Also, Oscar sat in on the ethics course and thought the professor ran the course very well.

Oscar, Lily, and I spoke with an admissions counselor who discussed the homeschool admissions process with us. I appreciated that she helped each of us, and understood we all had a different education background (e.g. community college, GED, etc.).

Honestly, at first I did not think the majors were very interesting until I met a biology professor. I expressed my interest in neuroscience and was surprised to hear she had experience in the field. In addition to great conversation about undergraduate research, I also received great book recommendations.

This challenge definitely encouraged me to venture out and not to be afraid of striking up conversation with strangers on a college campus.

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