Painting a Mural – W3D2

Sep 30, 2015

Our challenge was a little different this week, instead of the usual one day one challenge, we had two days to complete a larger project.

Our project was a large scale art project, we decided to do a mural in the coyote commons. we began with a trip to the store, since paonia is very small we had to drive all the way to the Walmart in delta county to get supplies, and despite buying more paint than we could carry we were under budget :).

We spent some time sketching ideas, then put it together on paper. afterwards we mapped it out on the wall with chalk. we finally began painting Monday afternoon, and continued all the way till dinner.

The second day we filled out the wall, and painted details. our mural was inspired by the wildlife of paonia, the red moon, and our experiences here at the adventure semester. overall this challenge taught us how to collaborate as a group with our different art styles and perspectives.

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