Entrepreneurism – W6D3E by Seraya

Oct 22, 2015

To be honest, for this challenge, we fell on our faces. It started out the night before the challenge day when we started brainstorming about ideas for a small business that would make us money in only a couple hours. Some people were exhausted and ready to just think of some practical ideas, while others were ready to stay up all night and talk about it, wanting to go for something bigger. Having such different emotions and ideas for what we wanted was already a recipe for disaster, especially when we did not communicate about it. The night ended with a slammed door, and nothing resolved. In the morning, our check-ins were full of frustration and no motivation. I would like to say that through out the day, we changed that attitude, but I can not.

We eventually decided to just experiment, and so we went out into Crested Butte and helped some people shop and stock shelves, reconvened for lunch, and went out again to see if we could work in exchange for pizza and then sell it to high schoolers as they got out of school. None of these things really worked, even counting the whole three dollars that we made, and in the end, we gave up. I don’t think that we pushed ourselves, I don’t think that we tried, and I do think we could have done much better. One thing that I did get out of this was better understanding of how our group communicates, even though we still have much to sort through revolving around that.

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