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Map Making – W2D1

Dear Good People of Paonia and Those Who Look Forward To Visiting Paonia, Today my most wonderful colleagues and I created something special for all of you to enjoy. As everyone knows, when you are traveling to a place you have never been to before it is very helpful to carry a map. A map […]

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Unseen – W1D5 by Seraya

For this adventure, my group had to get from our place up on Pitkin Mesa to P hill, which was all the way across town. We started by going around this big gully by our house because we were less likely to be seen there, but, of course, our neighbor decided to walk her goats […]

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Dancing – W1D4 by Max A.

Imagine trying to mimic the remarkable moves of Michael Jackson within 5 hours. It sounds challenging because it definitely is. The day started with the four of us looking through YouTube and finding funky music to jam to. After we got into a dancing mood we looked through YouTube once more to look for a […]

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Bird Houses – W1D2 by Max A.

Making a birdhouse sounds easy right? Well let me tell you I had the exact same thought before I started looking for scraps and hammering for many hours. Our adventure began when our instructor, Dev drove our group of four down to his barn to start looking for scraps. I saw a nice old green […]

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Counter Argument – W1D1 by Elan

Today’s adventure was to distinguish Truth from BS. Looking at man made global warming and mandatory drafting for war from both sides of the spectrum. Drawing lines between unbacked mouth vomit and hard fact. Finding a reliable source, making sure reporters were not writing from self interest or being funded by people that could bend […]

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