Streets of Brooklyn

Oct 19, 2012

Cruising the coves of Brooklyn I’ve come across such a confusing conundrum of convoluted coalesced conscious complexities condemning me to consulting conversations of crude curiosity. Contained is my commanding crusade conflicting such clichéd conversions of my crazy candid comments on common crushes changed to contentious compasses controlling continually my careless casualty of contrived convenience conceived of as conquering consequence of kismet instead of as coincidental convalescence. I concede most cruelly to my cover of concealing counterweights of contrite self-contempt, cancelling out almost completely and most conspicuously my contrition of a cartooned consumption concerned with convening a clerical court to coin and consecrate most concretely this coherent combination of confined clover and clueless camel, a contemporary cause and a convincing course of combat concluded most concisely by a charge, a case for the compound cinder that came to rest so casually countless centimeters contained inside my cave.

-Zaill (Writing Retreat 2012 student, challenged by Matt’s workshop to write a piece beginning with c’s)

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