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My Breathtaking

An excerpt from Zaill’s writing project: Sometimes in your life it forgets to divide between babbling the brooks and volcanos in your mind. Before they called on me and already I came, why, somehow feeling so lacking even in my shameful tardy trending pain. Through these steps I take on fell dawn dreary like roads, […]

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The Letter

An excerpt from Zaill’s writing project. A scream woke Sammy from his sleep, and he ran downstairs towards the sound of his mother’s wailing cries. He found her slumped over the kitchen table, one hand clutching her heart and the other shaking as it held a neatly creased letter. She was trembling all over in […]

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The Rendez Vous Cafe

An excerpt from Zaill’s writing.  I walked into a late night cafe just off main street, and the tired looking girl behind the counter pulled her eyes up from her magazine to stare at me as I was passing. “Hey kid!” she called me back annoyedly, cocking her head and saying none too shyly, “You getting anything?” […]

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Streets of Brooklyn

Cruising the coves of Brooklyn I’ve come across such a confusing conundrum of convoluted coalesced conscious complexities condemning me to consulting conversations of crude curiosity. Contained is my commanding crusade conflicting such clichéd conversions of my crazy candid comments on common crushes changed to contentious compasses controlling continually my careless casualty of contrived convenience conceived of […]

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For Abigale

Asking around the ruined town I found no one able to tell me where the ship hailed from, who captained it, where it was bound. Writing insight on a wall I caught the eye of a shady guy across the street holding a dog by a very short leash. He beckoned me over and said he […]

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