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Making a Website – W4D4B by Max A.

Today I had a challenge to portray myself on the internet. I have created a few websites for others but this time I was making one for me. This was a challenge that brought self counciousness to another level. It was hard thinking about your whole life and then condensing it in to a few […]

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Workout Video – W4D1B

Ladies and gentleman! Have you been craving a good workout? Looking to shed those extra pounds? Boy, do we have the thing for you! It’s day week four day one of the adventure semester, and our challenge was to plan and execute a thirty minute long exercise video. Being the first group to experience this […]

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Digital Makeover – W4D1E by Midge

Hello Internet friends! Today our group challenge was to create a website about ourselves, so we can control how we are seen on the Internet. We created a website on, the worlds leading domain registrar. Each of us chose a unique and personal domain name. Some of us chose camp nicknames, like Pop and […]

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Acts of Radical Kindness – W2D4 by Katie and Lily

Hey there! So today we had a really cool challenge.. we had to choose and embody a character completely opposite to our usual selfs. We started out at a thrift shop picking out clothing for our character (I chose somebody shy and slightly gothic.. a complete transformation for me with my usual enthusiastic colorful way […]

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