Workout Video – W4D5A by Max C.

Oct 10, 2015

Today, the High Desert Center experienced its largest conflict yet. A battle for the ages: a fight between Pirates and Ninjas. A fight so epic that it included, squats, lunges, lizard-crawling, farmer walks, “ninja” jumps, and a full-body shark suit. it was a battle that would not only go down in history, but also burn a boatload of calories.

…So maybe it was a bit more of a workout video than the battle that we all wish from time to time that history gave us, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t epic. Our group was given the challenge of creating a workout video, a challenge that four groups had been given before us. We’d seen groups produce videos with plenty of brands of humor and practicality, but we decided we were going to do our best to make a video that would both keep you in shape, and turn the camp up to 11.
We were originally captivated by the idea of a pirate-themed workout video, and were encouraged by being able to locate a good amount of costuming materials. We weren’t prepared to stop there though, oh no dawg. We needed something else. Our pirates needed an equally awesome nemesis. We needed ninjas.
We dawned our get-ups as two swashbuckling, and slightly made-up pirates, two stealthy ninjas with masks and headbands, and one shark dressed in Dave’s fantastic onesie, who kept us all in check. We were challenged to not only demonstrate a workout that combined Cardio, Yoga, Body-weight workouts, and weighted workouts, but also to incorporate everything into the plot structure of a fight to the death between pirates and ninjas. We allotted demonstrations of Yoga and more mobile activities to ninjas, activities that seemed pirately, such as a farmer’s walk with barrels of water, and the very punny “walking the plank” to, were given to the pirates, and cardio was given to our uniting force, the shark.
When the day was done, we were left with a informative and funny video, a good workout, and a fun and creative way for ARRRR group to end the week together.
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