Making a Website – W4D5C by Katie M.

Oct 10, 2015

Our challenge today was working with Blake to create our own personal websites. This was a great project for everyone here in the program to participate in because the internet is the biggest hub of information on people available, so if we want to be relevant, we need to be out there, making a mark. Thanks to Unschool Adventures, everyone now has a personal website using WordPress and registered domain names through GoDaddy. These accounts can even be transferred over to all of us so we can continue them after the program ends! All of the challenges aim to aid us with tools for the future, but this one has given us something we can truly keep with us forever (until the internet becomes outdated, of course).
For myself, I already had a website from a few years ago that needed some revamping work. Today was a big lesson on how to add widgets and customize the theme to be what I wanted. I got to add more pages that really allude to who I am, like an inspirations page and a bucket list page. It was even finally possible to add a contact me form and link to my blog! For other people in the group, it was a day of learning how to create content about who they are, how they want to be seen, and what is important to them, along with themes and the graphic designs elements that go into website design. Even after 6 hours of sitting and staring at screens, all of us are still itching with urges to switch fonts and keep tweaking; today has definitely been the most addicting challenge so far. (Check it out:
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