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Workout Video – W4D5A by Max C.

Today, the High Desert Center experienced its largest conflict yet. A battle for the ages: a fight between Pirates and Ninjas. A fight so epic that it included, squats, lunges, lizard-crawling, farmer walks, “ninja” jumps, and a full-body shark suit. it was a battle that would not only go down in history, but also burn […]

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Making a Website – W4D3A by Joey

Today, our group’s challenge was for each of us to create a personal website, which will be our public online presence. While the technical work was a hurdle, the main difficulty was trying to figure out what you want your public appearance to be. Speaking for myself, Joey Phelps, I really enjoyed the entire process, […]

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Science Experiment – W4D1A by Ben

Our challenge began last night when Dev regaled our group stories of his past exploits in grad school. He went into detail on adventures he went on in the name of science before revealing to us that our challenge the next morning will be to create a science experiment from observing the area around us. […]

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