Emails – W7D5D by Micayla and Gabriella

Oct 30, 2015

Hello Mr./Ms. Reader,

Our names are Micayla and Gabriella. We are young life enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Today our group embarked on a challenge to reach out to people just like you.

Highlighting their inspirational work and hoping to meet up with them while we’re in Denver.

After doing research on the things we are most interested in as subjects or hobbies, we gathered together with our laptops in a coffee shop.

We each aimed to email 10 people. Though we didn’t all get to that many, we contacted professionals doing work as artists, life coaches, musicians, photographers, and even someone involved in physical therapy.

We asked them if they would be interested and have the time to meet us and answer some of our questions like: how did you first get into (insert profession here), what are the ups and downs? and: what advice would you give me as an aspiring (insert profession here)?

At the start of the day we also contacted past mentors or advisors to see if they would take a moment to create a letter of recommendation for us.

We learned to compose a coherent email getting to the point quickly in a polite and intriguing way. Adding our contact information and websites for more information on who we are as people and who we are to be reaching out to them.

Overall it was a very successful challenge and we all look forward to hearing back from those we emailed.

Thank you for your time.


Micayla & Gabriella



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