Perseverance – W7D4B by Elan

Oct 29, 2015

You might ask yourself what happens to a born criminal mastermind when you make him do repetitive and pointless tasks, like juggling potatoes for hours. Well, he gets bored, then runs off and picks locks on electric panel boxes in construction sites, diving in bushes when he hears a noise.

I started out trying parkour, but my knees hurt because of the altitude. I was content learning ollies on the skateboard, but just as I was starting get it, the front wheels fell off with an explosion of bolts and washers. The last resort was juggling, or god forbid… hackie sack. I struggled with the notion of pointlessness. Not only was it stupid in my opinion, but I hated doing it. Maybe a metaphor for life. Wow, that was dark.

The worst part was that I have so many interests I wanted to practice. My dream goal was to do a back flip, but without the proper equipment, it was impossible. I did learn more about myself; tasks are impossible for me when I don’t have motivation. I am inspired¬†to get better at guitar, martial arts, cinematography, photography, art, lock picking, and learning gymnastics. My overall goal, I guess, is to become a secret agent. So if this post gets taken down, you’ll know why.

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