Intensive Feedback – W7D5B by Jack

Oct 30, 2015

Have you ever wondered what people think of you? Have you ever wished you could find that out in a healthy environment with people you respect?
Today our challenge was to give and take constructive criticism from our group.
People told me that I have a habit of using humor to express and invalidate my emotions, and because of that, people can find it hard to connect with me. I have definitely thought about that before, so that was not anything new, but hearing them say it makes me want to change it more.
Funnily enough, the thing I learned about myself for the first time came from criticizing others. I told multiple people that I felt like they are not saying what they truly think sometimes, and that because of that I felt like I was being judged, or could not help them. which made me realize that I need people to tell me what they are thinking and to “get their cards out on the table.”
To finish the day off the day, we all said what we liked about each other, but to tell the truth, I felt just as connected to everyone when they said they wanted to hear more about me and fewer jokes.

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