Bird Houses – W1D1 by Midge

Sep 18, 2015

Today our group was challenged to build bird houses out of scraps found around the Paonia property. These included but weren’t limited to: planks of wood, sheets of tin, cabinets, bookshelves, wire, and even an old sink. We had roughly 5 hours to complete this task, which at the beginning seemed like ample time, until we approached the last hour. As the end of our project came near, we realized how much work really goes into even the most simple construction project.

We had to learn to use the power tools correctly and safely, choose the correct screws, and find wood that won’t split. For some of us this was quite a challenge. For others it was second nature. Complex blueprints lead to an uncompleted house, whereas others had simpler designs and were able to complete early, allowing them to help and give pointers to others in the group. Thank goodness! (I was not one of the early finishers)

These birdhouses weren’t just a small challenge for some teenagers, they will end up helping increase the Bluebird, Wren, and Titmice populations here in Paonia. All of the leftover junk was put to good use and recycled, instead of sitting in a landfill wasting away. Recycled birdhouses are great for the environment and the soul. A project like this can be a productive, earth friendly way to feel good about yourself on those stay at home lazy days we’re all so familiar with. Happy bird housing!

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