Dancing – W1D5 by Katie

Sep 19, 2015

Today our group finally experienced the long awaited dancing challenge! Last night, Tabi, our mentor, told us that we would have to choose our dance song within an hour. If we failed, we would have to dance to M.C. Hammer’s 2 Legit 2 Quit. But since our group, over the past week, has developed into something WAY too legit to quit, we took her punishment and turned it into a challenge.

¬†This morning, we looked at and considered a few other videos, but nothing quite resonated with us as strongly as that M.C. Hammer video. The dancing in his video, however, was a bit too complicated for us to learn within our five hour limit. We found a simplified version, split it into sections, slowed it down, and put it on an endless repeat. Slowly but surely, our dance came along. As comfortable as our group has become over the course of the week, critiquing each other’s moves was painless and (very) helpful.
This challenge certainly pushed us to all work together in order to finish with a synchronized and epic dance! What a great ending for the week with this adventure group.
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