Acts of Radical Kindness – W2D5 by Micayla

Sep 26, 2015

There are so many people in the world. So many faces, so many stories, so many ideas and perspectives. Imagine if we all came together in this abundance and helped each other through life with our own wisdom and guidance.

It is really very interesting to see how proud people get when you offer assistance in any way. How many people turn you away or say they are capable on their own. It isn’t that we think they’re incapable, it’s just a kindness.

My name is Micayla and today my group and I went around downtown Paonia attempting to perform random acts of kindness.

The first two we did on our own. I spent about an hour at a little shop called Heart of the Dragon which sells crystals and essential oils helping them set up some of their things under a tent on the sidewalk for the Harvest Festival this weekend. They happily accepted my help and so I set up some of their merchandise and took some time to talk with one of the women about her home life which she seemed really open and appreciative about.

Part of the challenge was to do an anonymous act of kindness; so I taped signs to benches and mirrors and drinking fountains saying little things like “You are beautiful” and “Have a fantastic day” along with a flower.

After our individual acts of kindness we came together as a group to do two more.

The first one we did was anonymous. We set out a big white sheet and drew pictures and wrote inspirational quotes on it, then we hung it around a tree in the park for all to see.

Then we went to the Care and Rehabilitation center to play some music for everyone there.

Most of the people there were elderly, sitting in chairs around the TV or in their rooms. We gathered a small group in the dining room which had a piano where Sage and Elan played guitar for them and I danced. I really think we made their day. A woman in a wheelchair kept smiling at us and would tell us we’re doing so well and playing so beautifully. Another woman was a little more grumpy and would walk around frowning and tried multiple times to go outside through the fire exit which let out a loud screech.

They enjoyed our company and we know they would love to see us again. One of the women gave us the best advice and here it is: “Don’t get into trouble and eat lots of fried chicken.”

Over all I’d say this was a very successful challenge and it really opened my eyes to other

people’s lives and their perception of radical acts of kindness.

So if anybody ever approaches you and offers a kindness maybe rethink your first reaction and open up to their help. Or maybe try out being the one giving a radical act of kindness! Not only does it make the recipient happy but it makes you happy as well!


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