Makeover – W2D5

Sep 26, 2015

Today our group (Spencer, Joe, Kieren, Aubrie, and Dave) did the infamous makeover adventure challenge. This challenge challenged us to change our style, inside and out. A few of us got haircuts from Dave (el cosmetologist extraordinaire). We also acquired new clothes. We took on the roles of characters that we believed were very much the opposite of our normal selves.

We started off the day with a caravan down to Paonia. Upon arriving we went to the park to brainstorm ideas for our respective characters. Spencer decided to be a power-suit wearing CEO. Joe decided to be a punk rocker named Joe Axel. Kieren decided to be a lazy disrespectful slob. Aubrie decided to be a Internet meme obsessed downer. And Dave decided to be a flower-child easy going hippy.

We then went to the Backcountry Bistro for some morale-raising coffee. Thrift shopping is an inevitability in this challenge so we promptly went cruising in Paonia’s Main Street second-hand stores. After getting what we needed in town, we went back up to the Tech-Barn and did some haircutting. Our challenge ended and we all felt like are alter-egos were completed.

In conclusion, I feel that we all gained much from this experience. It helped us to own and take pride in our own unique styles be being forced into the polar opposite. I think that all of us will explore more stylistic change-ups in the future.

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