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Hair Cutting – W2D1 by Seraya & Jill

Today our challenge was to cut each other’s hair and do some internal/external makeovers. Before we even began Jack decided to shave his legs, which ended in the lovely discovery of mild ringworm. Whoops. Our first task was to find out hair cutting techniques and brainstorm about it because no one had much haircutting experience […]

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Unseen – W1D4 by Joey and Aubrie

It’s day 4, our challenge today was to make it from our base camp to Paonia High School, home of the Eagles and only 220 students, without being seen by any person on foot or in car. We began by trekking through dry brush in the hills surrounding camp. It was beautiful with the valley […]

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Hip-Hop don’t stop. – W1D3 by Jack G.

The challenge today was to find a song that has a dance routine, and to learn and add our own twists (Pun intended) to said dance. Our group (Myself, Aubrie, Katie M, Midge, and Joey) was very lucky in that we all agreed on a song very quickly. we chose Slam Jam (Aubrie’s amazing idea). […]

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Cooking/Farming – W1D2

Waking up in a flooded tent, holding my laptop over my head, I realized today could only go up from here. We started cooking at 7, and our group prepared a breakfast of the normal oatmeal, along with a tofu veggie egg scramble. Although this was met with looks of confusion, everyone ended up wanting […]

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