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Daniel Part 1

By Chase Hamrick Daniel looked at the ground as he and his two best friends, Mike and Ethan walked to the field in the park. He looked up at the darkening sky he thought to himself, tonight… it will happen tonight. As they sat in the picture perfect field the three of them laid back […]

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Coyotes in South Carolina

 An excerpt from Chase Hamrick’s writing project Chase and Brandon got up at about Seven o’clock as they do every day which was followed by a bowl of cereal beside the wood stove with a small fire mom had made. Let the chickens out, feed them, clean their water and get the eggs, ok? Chase […]

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Haunted House

Chase sat down in the tall grass at the top of the hill to think about what he had done. It needed to be done he thought to himself as he laid back to look at the clouds passing by. He thought about going back to see if any of his friends could have possibly […]

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My life

I’m a farmer in Chapel Hill North Carolina. I have been farming for about 5 years now and it’s hard work but looking back on my past, I believe  it’s all worth it. I have been home schooling since fifth grade. I have a short story Iwill be posting in the next day or two […]

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