Haunted House

Oct 28, 2012

Chase sat down in the tall grass at the top of the hill to think about what he had done. It needed to be done he thought to himself as he laid back to look at the clouds passing by. He thought about going back to see if any of his friends could have possibly survived but didn’t like the thought of going back to the house at the end of the street. He laid there looking at the clouds for another few minutes when he decided to go and find his friends which were stuck in the house. As he approached the house, Chase could hear screaming coming from the second floor.  He ran into the front, up the stairs and into the door of which the screaming was coming from. As he slowly opened the door he could see a shadow… a shadow of something very large, dark… it felt like all the life had been sucked out of the room . He didn’t know what to do he thought for a few seconds and he said to himself, if my friends die it will be my fault… I left them here alone.

Chase dashed inside with his eyes closed and followed the screaming, grabbing one of his friends legs, he pulled them out of what felt like a wall covered in really sticky sap, dragging his friend out of the room he realized after he got out it was only His friends legs. The other half must still be in the room or worse, eaten. Chase ran back into the room but this time with his eyes open and there was the top half of his friend Fred suck in the wall of bloody red sap, the monster starting to eat him. His other two friends Lance and John stuck to the wall screaming, Chase went and tried pulling them out but neither of them would budge. Chase looked around the room for something to pry them away from the wall. He saw a board lying in the corner of the room. He got the board and stuck it behind Lance then pulled the board until Lance fell to the floor still in shock and covered in the sticky sap. Run, get out of the house Chase yelled at Lance. Lance looked at Chase and then bolted for the door. After Lance had left Chase didn’t have much time, Fred was almost completely gone. He got the board and stuck it behind John and pried John off the wall, And they both ran for the door when they heard the large un earthlike monster turning towards them. They both went flying down the stairs and out the front door slamming it shut. The three of them sat out on the street away from the house but close enough to keep an eye on anything that might escape. I’m sorry guys I shouldn’t have left you alone Chase said in a weary voice. John and Lance still in shock took a minuet to respond said it’s not your fault Chase, I’m the one that told you guys to come with me said Lance. John, Lance and Chase sat in the street and all felt like there was something they needed to do. To go back inside and get there last friend but all three of them knew that there were only his legs left. Chase started to feel really light headed and fell backward onto the ground with a hard thump. Chase woke up and realized it was all a dream… As he was still trying to figure out where he was he felt a sticky wall behind him, he looked to his left and saw his three friends Lance John and Fred stuck to a wall just like the one in his dream except this time it was real.

(By Chase, in case you didn’t know)

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  1. Comment by Raven Talifero

    Raven Talifero Oct 30, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    wow i like this a lot :D :D awesome

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