Daniel Part 1

Nov 10, 2012

By Chase Hamrick

Daniel looked at the ground as he and his two best friends, Mike and Ethan walked to the field in the park. He looked up at the darkening sky he thought to himself, tonight… it will happen tonight. As they sat in the picture perfect field the three of them laid back into the grass to face the sky as they watched the sun set. You’re an astronomer right Daniel, Mike asked. Yes Daniel replied. Will the Milky Way be out tonight? Probably if it’s not too cloudy Daniel replied. Mike frowned as he looked around the cloudless sky but decided not to ask any questions. A conversation broke out between Ethan and Mike but Daniel wasn’t listening. It was almost completely dark when Mike asked, Daniel where is the Milky Way? He pointed to a very faint white line across the sky. Wait… that’s the milky way Mike asked, I thought that was just a cloud. Daniel stood up quickly and scanned the sky, here it comes…
 Mike and Ethan looked at him and asked what’s coming?… Daniel fell to the grass on his hands and knees, cracks formed all around the field, pointing towards Daniel. Get out of the field Daniel said in an odd tone. Mike and Ethan ran to the edge of the field where the cracks stopped then turned to watch what Daniel was doing. All of the cracks in the field started glowing blue Daniel stood up and put his hands toward the sky, Ethan and Mike could hear Daniel saying something but couldn’t make out any of the words. A few seconds later all of the glowing cracks launched beams of light into the sky, they all stopped high in the air and started to form a bubble that covered the whole city then turned transparent. Mike and Ethan looked at each other both of their mouths open in astonishment, they looked back up to see a meteor falling toward them. Its ok the bubble should hold Daniel yelled, still holding his hands aimed at the top of the bubble. Everyone and everything had stopped all around the city, Every person was staring at the sky to see what was going to happen. The meteor was getting close when a loud noise came from the top of the top of the dome. It sounded like a bomb when off in the sky and echoed all around inside the dome. The dome then started to retract back up toward where the meteor hit. Daniel what’s happening Ethan yelled. I’m….. trying to launch it… back. The blue dome started to cover the meteor when the meteor stopped moving. Daniel fell to his knees still holding his hands up, it was like he was pushing it himself. The meteor started to move back toward space when it split in half Daniel made a motion with his hands and the bubble spread around the meteor to hold it together. He stood up slowly pushing the meteor away faster, he made one last push with his arms and the meteor went flying away into space. Daniel fell back onto the ground as the cracks started to close. Ethan and Mike ran over to him, Are you ok? They asked at the same time. Daniel replied with a moan. I think I just need some sleep, I know you both have a lot of questions but Il answer them later but for now I just need sleep….  End part one


  1. Comment by Jinjee

    Jinjee Nov 10, 2012 at 6:26 am

    Looking forward to reading more of this one!

  2. Comment by Joyce Bowden

    Joyce Bowden Nov 14, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Love reading about Daniel and his wonderful light!

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