Thoughts From the Character Herself

Oct 25, 2012

(An excerpt from Tassie’s story)

Seriously, why aren’t there any stories where the damsel in distress kills the stupid dragon herself instead of waiting for the knight? This waiting thing is horribly tiresome.

Not that I am some silly damsel in distress. If I was a damsel in distress I would at least have a dragon,which is would be really cool, but I don’t even get that. I get an old man snoring in the chair beside me who has a trail of spit making its way down his chin and into his grimey beard.

And what a beard it is! That thing is more frightening that any dragon’s smile. Why for all we know he could have a dragon inside the beard. He’s got everything else, so why not that?

-Aidee (The protagonist)

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