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A note from Writing Retreat student Tassie. I am sitting in a hotel room and find myself thinking back on the past month. There is so much that has happened in the last month and I would like to thank you all for that. I could just list y’all and do it that way but […]

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A Call

An excerpt from Tassie’s story “Your Majesty?” A small man squeaked, as he stood behind her chair. Deep brown eyes turned to meet his. He quickly averted his gaze, but not before the golden flecks of the eyes caught his attention, sending a shiver through his body. Just the sight of those eyes caused many […]

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Thoughts From the Character Herself

(An excerpt from Tassie’s story) Seriously, why aren’t there any stories where the damsel in distress kills the stupid dragon herself instead of waiting for the knight? This waiting thing is horribly tiresome. Not that I am some silly damsel in distress. If I was a damsel in distress I would at least have a […]

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Pushing Through Writer’s Block

Just a little tid bit of what comes when I push through writer’s block. All creative thought I have? Gone. My brain is like a shrivelled up grape. I mean to say, my brain is like a raisin. Yes my brain is the food (If you can even call it that) that mother’s feed to […]

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