The Scientific Method – W4D5D by Elan

Oct 10, 2015

Science is not about the answer. Science is about thinking differently and asking questions no one has ever asked before. Write down what you find and come up with better questions.

Today our group wrote a scientific paper on lichen and moss growth in increasing elevations. We also measured tree variety. This was also an opportunity to go see the gorgeous aspen trees. Before we got into the car we wrote down estimated percentages of lichen growth on rocks near us. We stopped 4 times. First we stopped the car at the entrance of a old closed mine. Only slight differences but we already started to see more tree Verity’s at 7000 ft, Pines and Choke Cherrys instead of the plain junipers back at camp. Next stop was around 8000 ft. Big difference from 50% moss and 20% lichen down to 13% moss and 16% lichen measuring coverage. We couldn’t measure elevation after that with no cell signal. We estimated 9500 ft for our final stop.

I am going to stop talking about science for a minute because need to explain the aspen forest. It looked like Calvin and Hobbes plus the Lorax. The forest was silent but alive, raining gold aspen leaves. The Spruce trees were beautiful and fluffy, I wanted to hug them. I sat in a little opening, writing poems and drawing the house I wanted to build there. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty I forgot to write down the scientific info. Science is just living life curiously and being observant, then writing down your results.


Read the scientific paper here:

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