Minimalist Camping – W3D2 by Elan

Sep 30, 2015

We were told we could only bring 5 things each.. We brought 3, cause we are that good. We walked in just shorts and shoes. Jumping at crickets on the path to eat later. We stored them in Eric’s pocket (they escaped when he took a nap).

Every so often we stopped and passed around a water jug and took small sips to conserve water. The view was breath taking. The valley bellow looked like a painting. Orchards, meadows, forests. When we got to the top of the mountain we looked for a flat area to set up camp.

After a 30 minute nap, riddles and a few games of ninja, we made a fire pit and collected kindling. Eric showed us how to start to fire with magnesium and his flint and steel. I went out with max and dev looking for big cactus’s to fry. It was a success.

As the sun set we went around telling our life story’s and made donut holes (looked like greasy dog food). The coals died down and we squeezed together on a small tarp. I shared my sleeping bag with max. Never again. After realizing that sleep would not be happening, I endured 7-ish hours boredom.

The morning was breezy, a nice change from yesterdays burning sun. We played more ninja. We packed our things and  peed on the fire. We surfed down the rocky hill. Got a little lost and got back on course after a lecture about looking where were going from Dev. It was a real adventure. None of that fake RV camping with a TV.

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