48 Hour Theatre – W3D2 by Spencer

Sep 30, 2015

Our group (Joey, Macayla, Katie B., and Myself) did 2-day Adventure Challenges this week. This was our first 2-day challenge and it was a Theater challenge. Essentially our task at hand was to prepare and perform a theatrical performance during dinner on Tuesday, a dinner-theater type of event that would feature all of the Adventurers as well as all the Staff and some neighbors and a few Paonian locals.

On Monday morning we carpooled down to the Paonia Town Park. Once there, we began rehearsing our scripts until we had gotten a grasp on the lines. Our performance consisted of Act II, Scene II from “Much Ado About Nothing, by William Shakespeare”, and scenes from “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead”. We also wrote a modernization of the Shakespeare scene.

We then went to the Paonia Public Library. It was unfortunately closed on Mondays so we went to supermarket to grab some grub and then went to the smaller park on Grand Street.  After rehearsing there for a long while, we decided that a days work in memorization was done and we returned back to camp to give our brains a much needed rest.

The next day we awoke bright and early to do some pre-breakfast rehearsing. After breakfast, we returned to the Library and worked and toiled away until what we had was ready for fine tuning into a well-sculpted performance. We then went back to the small park on Grand to eat and begin final work.

We then went to the Big Park again to put together our performance. An old man local came by and joined our small and mighty crew as an outsider mock audience member. After more practice and fine-tuning. We had put together a final performance ready for our dinner audience that night. We were thus done with the core challenge.

In the end, our group became a close theatrical machine, ready to show the world what we had to offer. And I think I’m speaking for the group when I say that we all learned a lot. Hopefully future dramatic pursuits will be easier for all of us. In conclusion this has to be one of my favorite challenges so far.

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