Crowdfunding Travel – W9D2 by Joey

Nov 12, 2015

For the past few days, the participants have been doing two day self designed challenges. For mine, I decided that I would try and raise money for a recently announced Unschool Adventure trip to Buenos Aires. The cost of the program is $6000, but the total cost of going on the trip is $8000.

I started out the first day by reading Blake Boles’ book on crowdfunding and talking to him about how I should start. He said that I should only try and raise $4000, half the cost of the trip, via the fundraiser and get the rest myself. He assured me that with my skills in editing, I could make the money in no time. After more discussion, I decided to use Indigogo and began to work.

By far the hardest part about creating a crowdfunding event is trying to come up with good rewards. The key is to have good rewards between the $15 to $45 range because that is the area most people will donate at. After getting ideas from some other successful travel fundraisers, I decided on them.

A few examples of the rewards are a hand written letter sent to you from Buenos Aires, a ukulele lesson via Skype, and a pack of alfajores (A delicious and popular cookie snack in Argentina.)

If you’d like to support me yourself, you can find my page at this link ––3/x/12708206#/

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