Slam Poetry – W9D2 by Catherine

Nov 12, 2015


For the past two days I challenged myself to write spoken word poetry. The experience was phenomenal. I feel inspired, motivated, capable, knowledgeable, and empowered. However, that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to tell you about how difficult this was. I set out writing passionate poetry filled with zest, feeling, emotion, and excitement. Everything was going great! I wrote all day, I felt challenged, I felt growth, I was ready to take on anything. Then I decided to head to bed (let me tell you that I am not very tech savvy). I shut the computer I had borrowed, and went to sleep. When I awoke, I discovered pain and hurt and a new lesson that fate had planned for me to learn through trial and error. When writing in wordpad, you have to click save! This was a hard lesson to learn and I had a very tough day today, but I have taken away so much from this challenge. Today I wrote short poems about loved ones, compassion and grief, the medical industry, and positive energy. One thing I know now is that spoken word poetry is best written when you have something to say, when you feel the need to express yourself, when you have thoughts to share. I have taken a lot from the past few days, and I have a newly found love as well as the resources to share my values, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. I have had a long journey and am now ready to rest, but this time I will press save.

Other personal challenges included cooking 33 over-easy eggs and designing a health pledge for fellow students.


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