Create a Life in Denver – W10D3B by Gabriella

Nov 22, 2015

Our adventures lasted for 60 hours in Denver, Colorado. Despite cold winds, long bus rides, and terrible directions, we persevered out into the city to explore.
We focused on jobs and authentic cuisine for the first day. While Joel, Micayla, and I were going to a modeling call, Catherine and Jack went to a job interview (Jack totally won over the guy and could have taken the job.) After more job exploration, we focused on food exploration. We were in the mood for an endless heap of salsa and chips. Thus, we stayed on budget ($6 per person) while savoring the delicious taste of Mexican cuisine.
One the second day all of us met up with cool people in Denver. We had these meetings thanks to Blake’s email challenge a few weeks ago where we reached out to people in Denver.
Micayla found an amazing photographer who loves to tell stories of people.
I met up with a graphic facilitator and got some tips.
On the third day, Jack and I met up with even more amazingly awesome people such as a wood turner and a Schroth-trained physical therapist.
Multitasking would be an understatement during our 60 hours of adventure. We juggled making a budget, finding apartments, finding our way to the Denver airport, going to the art museum and the public library.
I am so happy we all were challenged to explore Denver and meet such cool people!

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