College! – W6D4C by Katie M.

Oct 22, 2015

“HELLO! Welcome to Western Colorado State University! We are a small liberal arts college in Gunnison, and we would love to have you as a student next year!”

Today, our group toured and challenged ourselves to integrate into Western State University. We had to complete challenges such as crashing a lecture, touring a dorm, talking with a professor, and even to join a club! For myself, it was more of a research day, and less of a challenge day. Some of the younger members of our crew saw the day as a challenge to conquer. They trained on the campus’s facilities and even attempted to get a date! And even others took the day as a time to go to lectures and learn as much as they could. I think we all are contemplating a lot of choices pertaining to the future on this bus ride home today.

I went into this challenge thinking it would be relatively easy. The idea of a college campus wasn’t daunting—I’ve been attending community college for the past year. What I didn’t realize would be how off guard I would feel anytime anyone asked me my future plans. I have been grappling with them quite a bit, and this small campus in the mountains gave me even more to think about. Up until today, I felt pretty certain and set on staying in California for school. I had been deciding between a community college route and a 4 year big school route this week, and now I have also added small liberal arts school to the list. This just once again proved to me how much life likes to switch it up on you the moment you make a decision. I love it.

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