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Map Making – W2D4 by Max A.

Today my challenge was to make a unique map of Paonia. My group had to think about what type of map would be beneficial to the town. Because the town is so small and doesn’t have a large consumer base most stores are closed on Sunday we decided to map out which stores were open […]

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Radical Acts of Kindness – W2D3 by Ben

What is a radical act of kindness? It should be something that stretches you out of your comfort zone. You should go significantly out of your way to make the other person’s day. It should require a little bit of personal sacrifice. Today, we found out just how difficult it is to brighten someone’s day. […]

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Makeover – W2D2 by Oscar

What is your style? What impression do you try to make on other people? These, and more, were the questions my group answered this morning. Through discussing our answers to these questions, we all got a lot more in touch with the way we present to the world. Then, we were challenged to radically change […]

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Bird Houses – W1D4 by Oscar W.

Garbage is everywhere, in our homes, our dumpsters, and our city waste processing facilities. It’s undeniable that we live in a waste producing culture. However, living at the beautiful site in Paonia, we were inspired by one fact: everything was made of recycled resources. With the encouragement of Dev, we set out to follow in […]

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Counter Argument – W1D3 by Catherine

It is the third day of challenges in the UA Adventure Semester. Today our challenge was to effectively argue the opposing positions on two subjects we had strong opinions and intuition about as a group. The topics we discussed were whether there should be more or less standardized testing in schools, and whether the moon […]

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Unseen – W1D2 by Sage R.

On our first day, we danced. It was indeed challenging, but not until today did our group of five truly experience the meaning of the Adventure Semester. Our challenge was to walk into the town of Paonia from our mountain camp (and back) without being seen by anyone. When we began, our groups’ dynamics were […]

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Dancing – W1D1

Have you ever watched to movie Pulp Fiction? Most of us hadn’t when we set out to perform the film’s iconic dance scene. Practice and perform a choreographed dance: This was the challenge set before our group on the first day of the UA adventure semester. Many of us had no experiance dancing, but gathered […]

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