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A letter from Writing Retreat student Sita. I have learned more in this trip than I have in my entire life, if that’s even possible. Perhaps it’s just my perception of knowledge that has changed. I learned to do things that I didn’t even think I would be interested in, like dancing and Catan (which […]

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The Beach

A note on retreat life from Sita Everything is amazing here in Hyannis. My only complaint is that there is too much to do and the end is fast approaching. I should focus but when some one says, “We’re going to Common Grounds” or  “Let’s go walk on Main Street” I automatically respond with “Ooh […]

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A Grey Area

(An excerpt from Sita’s writing project) He was wasting precious time. I guess he didn’t really have anything to do with his time except waste my time. A big man who had nothing but smallness inside. He would go home to his humdrum life, a wife who he didn’t really love anymore, and wallow in […]

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A Deceiving Spectacle

(The following is an excerpt from Sita’s writing project) There was nothing left for me at the house so I just walked away. I knew I was ditching my previous belief that I shouldn’t just wander aimlessly but there was no other choice. I was more likely to find him if I looked rather than […]

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