A Deceiving Spectacle

Oct 22, 2012

(The following is an excerpt from Sita’s writing project)

There was nothing left for me at the house so I just walked away. I knew I was ditching my previous belief that I shouldn’t just wander aimlessly but there was no other choice. I was more likely to find him if I looked rather than just standing around. My eyes scanned the pavement glancing up every couple seconds and speeding back and forth to take in a panoramic view of the area.

Sunlight dappled the concrete slabs and leaves wet with rain stuck to my shoes. The draft was finally here. Leaves were falling and the air smelled faintly of spiced drinks. My nose picked out the cinnamon and cloves, oranges, and slightly burned hazelnuts. I let the smells flutter through me. They played with my mind. They tricked me into the comfort of a dark coffee shop on a cold windy morning, a sunken couch that’s a pain to get out of so you feel as if you could stay forever. Somewhere far off a bluesy jazz riff was playing, the melodies seemed to mingle with the leaves as they fell, pirouetting from the sky. It was beautiful and I wished everything was okay so I could give into the deceiving spectacle and just sit and watch time pass.

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