Workout Video – W4D2C

Oct 6, 2015

Today’s challenge for our group was to make a workout video for people at home to watch and follow along with. We used a theme we thought would be great for people everywhere: a minimalist routine with a partner. The point was to be able to do all of the exercises with nothing but a partner or objects that can be found at home (bricks, milk jug).

The day started with an overview of different exercises in all four of the categories we needed to include in the routine. After we learned how to demonstrate proper form for each move, we got to planning our video. We zoned in on the exercises that can be modified to include a partner, and tried them all out (with lots of laughs!). Each member of our group chose cheesy names like Workout Wendy, Stretchy Sally, Mark Muscles, and Butch.
We worked together to demonstrate silly but body transformative exercises for cardio, weight training, yoga, and body weight training, and found them to be helpful and fun!
All in all, today was a great team bonding experience for all of us, and gave us a further understanding of how important prioritizing exercise and health are in a daily routine!

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