Students Challenge Staff – W9D5 by Eric

Nov 14, 2015

Today at the UA Adventure Semester the staff were given challenges instead of the students. From this ironic plot twist the size of our everyday lives, spawned a distributed matrix of thought crucibles that casted in wrought iron, the layout of our day.

This day looked semi similar to the picture that you will soon paint in the conscious depths of your frontal lobe; at the delightful hour of 9am breakfast was served by a crew of half of the students, an oatmealy orgasim that would energize us until the next feeding. Then came the first challenge. Miscatagorazed, This “challenge” more appropriately fell into the descriptive files of cruel and unusual torture. A high school musical 2 “fabulous” re-enactment sealed our fate, I need say nothing more then it is done and recorded in 1080p for all the world to view online.

Next up was a more physical problem, “you’re climbing the Gronk!” we here informed as we arrived at the old coal mine, “The Gronk” was an old cement structure that was used to pull coal out of the since “deprecated” mine, in reality it looked more like a 50ft tall masonry artist OD’d on nyquil and went to town on an innocent, unsuspecting, boulder bystander. It was difficult to climb… After the hour we were given to scale it about half way, Me, Blake, and Tabi deemed it not worth our lives to complete the task at hand, and conceded.

When we got back to the hostel we were met with a stupendous lunch of deep fried dinosaur chicken, salad, and mac and cheese. After a large salad we started on the next challenge, write a movie script in 30 minutes and film it in the same amount of time. “Great!” we said, happy that this did not involve our potential death, we hopped right into writing a script! we finished right on time ready to start on our film, but according the the staff-student’s (or stfoodent’s) clock, it was time to put the real challenge in place, “become each other”. This meant swapping clothes and taking on the voices/personalities of the person next to you, in a nutshell I was the ever popular Blake Boles, who dressed up as our very own Tabi Musselwhite who, to complete the circle, was me. The video is uploaded to the UA youtube page where it can be viewed at your pleasure.

Last but not least is the most taxing of our twisted tasks, the deciphering challenge. It was as straightforward as making use of a county fair shit house but paradoxically as complex and provoking as the way Matt Smith explains time… We were given 3 cyphers, an easy one, a medium (why we needed a psychic I am yet to understand), and a hard one. We came within minutes of our deadline to decode the easiest problem and not even close to the last two difficulties, It was one hour of staring at numbers and letters on both screen and paper. If I was to define challenge for you, I would tell the story of these codes.

Despite my sarcastic roasting of the day you read above, I cannot begin to express how impressed I am with the adventurers here, how far they’ve come, what they’ve gone through, and how they have thrived far beyond my predictions in this program. So to all of you, good job! I would wish you luck as you go on to your next adventure, but you don’t need it.

Now, soon, we are off to the big city Denver, to wrap up this program and start our next ventures without each other. For me; this will be the 3rd time I’ve left this hostel, third time I’ve said goodbye to a group this size, third incredible adventure in Colorado, and third time flying out of Denver to start something new. But this is the first time that I know, it wont be the last time.

My first post for Unschool Adventures.

                                          -Eric D.D.Shmitty Viele

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