Learn to Dance – W8D2D by Katie B.

Nov 3, 2015

Partner dancing is a lot harder than it may seem, and, as we soon discovered, even more so when you’re working together as a group to create one seamless routine. Here are a few comments from my fellow group members:

Max said: “At first I was really excited, but once we started dancing, I didn’t want to dance anymore. Then the group met to discuss how we were doing, and I thought I could really go along with anything.  When we started doing acrobatics, though, I realized that I was much more motivated and excited.”
Seraya said: “This challenge wasn’t very hard for me, it was mostly just really fun. I used to dance a lot and I think I should bring it back into my life. I honestly felt motivated the whole time. When we met for the mid-day check in yesterday, I felt like we were just going in circles during our discussion which was really frustrating. I wanted to move and take action, but I do think it is important that we talked about it. I’m really excited to have this dance with my dad.”
Kieran said: “I was unmotivated from the very beginning, and then we discussed our motivation levels and I thought about maybe trying to do something else. I really liked the idea of acrobatics and the lindy hop just wasn’t exciting. The dancing was certainly challenging but when we saw the jumps and lifts that could be incorporated, I just felt more inspired.
Dave said: “I was incredibly excited once I found out what the challenge was. As a team we discussed how the challenge was going, and decided to change what we were doing which made me less excited because I really love the lindy hop. I think we reached a compromise though, and now I can do narly flips and the lindy hop, so I’m super pleased with the outcome. This challenge helped us all work on our teamwork skills.”
After a long conversation and quite a bit of disagreement, the group decided to do a mixture of the original challenge – completing a lindy hop routine – and made an addition of our own acrobatic twists. We ended up with a “freaking awesome dance”.
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